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Profile and Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well known for its vibrant and exotic folk culture. This is the state where the tourists see the royal glory meet the traditions in riot of colors. Set against the enormous natural backdrop of desert and sand you will come across unusual diversity. This diversity is in different forms of customs and traditions, costumes and language, music and dance, cuisine and culture that people follow across different cities.


Profile of Rajasthan:


The land of Rajasthan is endowed with magnificent palaces and havelis, invincible forts. The natural resources here are cultural preservations of the locals. This land has perpetually mesmerized its visitors with rich music and folk dances. The handicrafts, spices, colorful fabrics are known to be the most tempting opportunity for tourists.


Every city in Rajasthan will have uniquely different things to offer their tourists. Even the smallest village has rarest traditions preserved. This land will never cease to enchant and intrigue its visitors. Every time a tourist visits any monument the air spells the romance and courage of the state. This ‘once – upon – a – time’ abode to the kings has exotic locales for any tourist from any corner of the world. Rajasthan has successfully managed to preserve and survive its ethnicity. It also owes its colorful charisma due to its enduring traditional and cultural way of living.


Culture of Rajasthan:


The true Rajasthani culture is reflected in its arts and paintings. It is alive in the monuments, havelis, palaces and every standing or even derelict sculpture. Rajasthan culture exudes out of every traditional folk song, music or dance piece. Every village by the roadside will introduce you to unique and different Rajasthani culture. The one common thing you would come across is the royal, majestic, warm and welcoming locals.



The winds in Rajasthan sing the tales of sacrifice and valor that Rajasthani people once exhibited. Try to step into the tiniest home in Rajasthan. You will find their culture on walls in the form of paintings, in their colorful attires, in their simple jewelry, in their food. The aromatic spices, intricate handicrafts, colorful fabrics spread their charm in the air when you are in the Rajasthan’s markets.


The panoramic view of this state due to its setting in mesmerizing lofty hills of Aravalli has declared it to be one of the ideal spots for tourism. This land of paradoxes is breathtakingly impressive and fascinating. One visit to this wonderland will cast an everlasting spell on the tourist’s mind. 

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