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Siana is a tiny hamlet that is located to the south west side of Rajasthan. The terrain at this place is a beautiful combination of Aravali hills which is surrounded through agriculture land and sand dunes. The best part is that the run off from these hills has made the area a right place for riding. In the Aisrana range the development of rock is very different and it is worth mentioning due to the distinctive as well as superb backdrop of sun setting.

The south west part of the Rajasthan is not been much influenced by the western culture and so a very beautiful insight of the traditional way of living. As far as tourism is concerned Siana is famous for safari rides as well as gardens.

Siana Safari

Are you looking forward to destination that can offer safari adventure and a feel of rural Rajasthan? Then Siana can be the best option to go for. The safari ride at this place will comprise of complete visit of rural southwest Rajasthan rather than just roaming form one place to another.

This place has to a great extended remained cut off from the tourist and so has been able to retain the traditional appeal. You will be able to see the originality while on the safari ride in the form of housing style, outfits as well as social customs. Riding is actually a way through which you will get an experience of the culture as well as wildlife of the region.

People have liked the terrains the most in this region. There are various terrains that you can prefer for riding everyday. The rock formation in the small hills is something that you cannot miss watching. This gives enhances the scenic beauty of the place and watching the sunset can also be very pleasing.

Siana Gardens

Siana garden offers natural shades by the large banyan trees. This gives the bets place for the visitors to sit and relax having their meals and snacks.

The region around Siana is really adventurous and dramatic. This is because of the rocky cliffs, amazingly shaped rocks as well as adobe of wildlife. You can see shy panthers in this area and these are mainly seen in the evening safaris. You will also get a chance to see jackals, Indian Foxes as well as lot of birds.>/ You will not only get the opportunity of enjoying the wildlife at Siana but also the customs of lot of nomadic as well as pastoral tribes who reside in this area.



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