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Rajasthan is known to be one of the popular tourist locations because of its cities with palaces. This royal land is abode to one sparkling city of Sardargarh. It is believed that no tour to Rajasthan is complete without visit to this location. Located near to the Udaipur airport this is one place you must visit to cherish the antiquity of its fort. It is not frequented by many tourists. Hence you get the chance to enjoy your exotic vacations in total serenity.

What to do in Sardargarh?

There is not much of hustling activities or sightseeing in Sardargarh. But you can see this as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the rich, local Rajasthani culture. This place gets all the attention because of its magnificent fort. Sardar Singh was the most powerful in Dhodias. It is said that he built the Sardargarh Fort.

Sardargarh Fort:

It took approximately 5 years for Sardar Singh to get the fort completed. You will see that there are places where the family values of Sardar Singh are prominent in the architecture. For instance the rising sun and the sword was emblem of his family. Under the emblem their motto is written. You will be inspired by the kind of the dedication he cherished that is communicated by the moto. This fort is a true testimony that Rajasthan held a royal past. The architecture of the structure was not a hobby but the enthusiasm to express the creative acumen. The surrounding in which the fort is situated will instantly take your heart away. Hills and the thick forest will instantly calm your soul.

Manohar Sagar:

From the Sardargarh fort is Manohar Sagar. This large lake gets filled with the natural water during monsoons. This lake is a perfect getaway for those who are looking out for calm and soothing vacation experience. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the lake in evenings. When you are at a place that is little known you get to experience the real Rajasthan. You can tour the local markets to bring home some beautiful handicrafts. Also you can pick colorful garments or fabrics and ornaments to gift mementoes to your friends. Do not forget to enjoy the local cuisine of this place. You will be awed by the spicy food delicacies. Most enticing are the local snacks and beverages that will be part of your memory forever.


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