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Rural Rajasthan – Rohet


Touring Rajasthan is incomplete unless you see the rural Rajasthan. It is the rural settlements that will bring you closer to the real Rajasthan. The simplicity in lifestyle and the colorful settlements will etch their memories forever in your heart. Rohet is one among such rural settlements that you cannot afford to miss.

Where is Rohet?

Located close to Jodhpur this small village will completely amaze you. Untouched by modern culture this village has sustained well to maintain its folk traditions. This location is a fortified desert home to the 16th century Rathore descendants.

History of Rohet

Maharaja of Jodhpur gifted Rohet to Thakur Dalpat Singh I. This gift was a token of appreciation for the heroic participation and bravery in the battle field. Ever since then this land has been homes to several Rathores.

Present Rohet

Today every visitor to this small village is reminded of rural Rajasthan's heritage. If you wish to experience the real Rajput royalty, it is all in Rohet. You will be mesmerized by the brilliant peacocks strutting.

Festivals in Rohet are celebrated with great delight and grandeur The Festival of Gangaur is most special among all. If you are lucky to visit during this festival you would get a chance to experience the magnanimous celebration. It is the celebration of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati celestial wedding. People from distant villages gather to witness the celebration and seek blessings.

Ghoomar that is a tradition dance form is performed on grand basis. People excitedly participate in this dance activity. Finally the festival comes to an end with the Gangaur Fair. In this fair the two deities would enter into a wedding ceremony.

What to do in Rohet?

Rohet is particularly famous for two things Bishnoi villages and Marwari horses. The must do in Rohet is take a jeep safari and tour the Bishnoi villages. You would get the actual feel of the local villages and real Rajasthani lifestyle. Their love for nature and animals will evoke strong feelings of reverence. Do interact with the villagers to understand their love for the traditions.

If you get a chance to strut on the Marwari horses; do not miss it. Every horse enthusiast should visit the Rohet stables. Instead of jeep safaris you can even pick the alternative of horse safaris for visiting the Bishnoi villages. Take relaxing walks or enjoy the delicious local cuisine and colorful locale of Rohet.


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