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Located between Udaipur and Jodhpur, Narlai is well – known as the center of equestrian Rajasthan. Unlike any other touristy states of Rajasthan you will find this location with beautiful horses. If you are a real horse lover or like adventurous tour then this location is perfect location for holiday.

What to do in Narlai?

Ai Mata ka Mandir

Ai Mata ka Mandir is important sightseeing location in Narlai. The village in Narlai is split between the Rajputs, Jains and the Rabaris. So you will come across at least one temple at every corner of the village. However the Ai Mata ka Mandir is the most popular amongst them. This temple is considered highly blessed. Every auspicious day marks visit from devotees from nearby villages. Newly married couples visit this temple to seek blessings for their new life. People who get their child's hair cut for the first time are brought here for 'Mundan' ceremony.

Other Temples

Narlai boasts different beautiful temples. All of them date back to different era. Even though many of them are in derelict they still exude grandeur.

Rawla Narlai Fort

When you are at this fort you will feel yourself transported to a new realm. Built under a 350 feet high rock this fortress was built in 17th century. However now it is converted into a heritage hotel. Rawla Narlai fort is the well – known classic illustration of true Rajput architectural style. There are courtyards, porches, gardens and balconies and porches that will leave you spell bound. If you wish to experience the elegance, grandeur and royalty you have to visit this fort once.

Nearby Excursions from Narlai


Situated in the isolated and wooded valley amidst the Aravalli Hills, Ranakpur temple complex will take you back in the 15th century. This location is dominated by the Adinatha Temple. In the Jain faith this temple is considered to be one among their five great sacred places. You will be mesmerized by the sheer architectural complexity at such grand scale. The use of pure white marble temple will calm your soul and peace your heart. You will be instantly impressed by this Western Indian temple. Also this temple is popular for its unusual four – sided plan. It allows 4 separate entrances.

Do not miss to notice the fauna and flora that has been developed in this location. The picturesque location of Narlai will lead you to the most soothing and relaxed vacation.


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