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Madawa city was founded around in the mid of eighteenth century. This was the town that was inhabited by rich merchant families. These wealthy merchant built huge havelis for the resident purpose which comprises of beautiful wall paintings. But with the time merchants moved on and shifted to other areas leaving behind this beautiful havelis. However the splendor of the havelis did not diminish rather these have become the tourist attraction of Mandawa.

Worth visiting attractions of Mandawa include:


Mandawa is very rich in havelis and these all are beautifully deisgned with the wall paintings. Some of the havelis that are worth visiting are as follows:

Hnuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

This haveli comprises of the painting that denotes Indra Dev over the elephant and there is Lord Shiva on the vehicle that is Nandi bull.

Murmuria Haveli

The paintings at this haveli are bit different. It comprises of train with crowded level of crossings and birds flying above it. There is one more very eye catchy picture that comprises of Nehru on a horseback and holding National Flag in the hand.

Goenka Double haveli

This is the haveli that has two gates and comprises of the portico which is ornamented with horses as well as elephants.

Mohan Lala Saraf Haveli

At this haveli you will find paintaings that will comprise of Maharajas stroking their moustaches.

Jhunjhunwala haveli

The haveli is completely designed with splendid gold leaf painted room.

Apart from these there are other havelis in Mandawa that comprises of Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, Chokhani Double Haveli, Binsidhar Newata Haveli and many more such havelis.

Apart from havelis there are some close by excursions which include:


This is around thirty seven kilometers from Mandawa. This is mainly famous for the mind blowing paintings of the Shekhawati region. There are some of the havelis that have exquisite architecture which comprise of Aath Haveli, Anandilal Poddar Haveli, etc.


This is around twenty five kilometers from Mandawa. Tourists get attracted to the magnificent fort and few havelis in this town.


This place is around thirty kilometers southeast to Mandawa. This town comprises of the huge fort which exhibits Rajput as well as Mughal architecture. This comprises of various antiques, glass windows, appreciating library as well as various structures. These things add charm to the town.


This is one fo the largest town in Shekhawati and it is also the district headquarters. The things that are worth visiting in this town are Tiberwala Haveli, Modi Haveli, Kaniram Narsinghdas, Narudin Farooqi Haveli, Biharji Temple, Khetri Mahal and many more such attractions.


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