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Dungarpur is a city that is located in the southern part of Dungarpur district in the Rajasthan state. Founded in the 12th century it is a very old city and you will get to visit many interesting places. The tourists will get the opportunity to experience many festivals and fairs. Some of the famous festivals that are celebrated in this city are Bhedmata Fair, Vithaldeo Fair, Vagad Festival, Amit Egyaras, Banheshwar Fair and many more. If you visit this place then you will get to enjoy these fairs in a better way. In these fairs you will experience the local customs and traditions that are followed by the people. The most famous festival that is celebrated in this city is Purnima Garba and you will get to see many people from the nearby regions enjoying this festival.

There are a lot of places that you can visit this city which includes havelis, palaces and many good places. Few of the palaces that you can visit here are as follows

Juna Mahal

This palace is located in the foothills of Dhanmata hillock. The palace is seven hundred years old. Juna Mahal is also known as Bada Mahal or Puarana Mahal, and it features some magnificent paintings. The construction of this place took a long time and the construction was completed in the eighteenth century. The construction of the palace was made using Dawra stone. The overall height of the palace is seven storeys. The wings of the Juna Mahal come into view as a single unit because the palace is very well connected to through a single staircase. The entrance gate that is Tripolia and main entrance Rampol looks very beautiful. The main feature of this palace is Parewa stone. Many tourists visit this place and it is very popular because of the thrilling paintings.

Deo Somnath Temple

This temple is made up of stone and it is located 24kn away from Dungarpur. The temple is totally dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built in the 12th century. When you will visit the temple then you will notice that it is an exact copy of the original Somnath temple that is located in Gujarat. The attackers from the western border of India, Mahmud of Ghazni in the year 1025 looted the original and carried away all the vast treasures of the temple. In the fear of further destruction of the temple by the attackers the devotees of the temple constructed a replica.

The other places that you can visit in Dungarpur city are Udai Bilas Palace, Srinathji Temple, Gap Sagar Lake, Rokadia Ganesh Temple, Beneshwar Dham, Government Museum of Archeology, Shree Samorjee Temple in Kherasamor, Shri Adinatha Jain Swetamber Temple, Sarneshwar Mandir Temple and many more.

You can reach till Dungarpur city through the means of airways and roadways. The city is well connected through the roads to all the main cities of Rajasthan state. The city is also connected very well with some of the cities in Madhya Pradesh.


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