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Tadoba National Park

In the district of Chandrapur, lies Tadoba National Park and is the one which is known as "The Jewel of Vidharbha". This tiger reserve is called as one of the largest and also the oldest national park. There in the heart of the reserved forest you will find an infinite treasure of innumerable flora and fauna species.

Before it was juts very famous for the many tigers but now you will also find a lot of other species like panthers, jackals, hyenas, wild dogs, nil gai, barking deer and a few others too. you will also find a few dangerous mammals here which include sloth bears, Indian leopards, chital, jungle cats and many others. The lake here in Tadoba also consists of the Marsh Crocodile. These were the crocodiles which were common all across Maharashtra but now are just found here.

You will also find a lot of reptiles here which will include Indian python a few other endangered Terrapins, Indian star tortoise, cobra, russels and also a few others. You will also find many raptors and water birds too. in the lake and elsewhere you will also find approximately 195 species of birds which also include that of three endangered species.

When you are there and are looking at the many things you will also come across a lot of species of butterflies too. There are almost 74 species of such butterflies recorded which will include pansies, monarch and a lot others.

In case you are there in Todoba during the winters you will find giant wood spider, red wood spiders and also signature spiders too. Here a few of the hunting spiders are also very common. These will include that of wolf spiders, lynx spiders and also the crab spiders.

Tadoba reserve is said to be a very predominantly Southern tropical Dry Deciduous Forest which has dense woodlands that comprises of about 87 per cent of the actual protected area. Teak is one of the most prominent tree species here. A few other deciduous trees here will comprise of Ain (crocodile bark), Haldu, Bija, mahua Madhuca (Crepe myrtle), Dhauda, Salai, Semal and Tendu. Beheda, karaya gum, hirda, and Lannea coramandelica (Wodier Tree) are some of the other common species.

After knowing all of this you should also know that the main attraction here in the Tadoba National Park is the jungle safari trips. It is going to be a 6- seated, 4-wheel drive, with a open top Gypsy along with trained local guides that will be made available when you want to visit this place and see the park and the wildlife.


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