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Pench National Park

The Pench national park is located in the plains of India. 90% of the park is located in the Chhindwara and Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh and the remaining 10% of the park is located in the north-western of Maharashtra. The national park has got its name Pench which is derived from the River Pench that flows through the park. The park is spread over across over 758 sq km. You will get to see various species of animals and birds. Among the animals you will see wild gaurs, monkeys and also deers. It is famous for its flora and fauna. In the year 1983 this wild life sanctuary was recognized. The park is known for its 19th Tiger reserve in India.

In the forest area of the Pench National Park you will get to see the scented tropical dry deciduous teak, various species of shrubs and also bamboo trees. The highlight of this forest is the Kullu tree and when you see this tree you will get mesmerized by seeing its white bark and the wide spread out branches.

The Pench wild life sanctuary is rich in fauna and there are a lot of endangered species that have made the park as their habitat. You will get to see over 285 species of bird population which includes blue kingfishers, Malabar Pied Hornbill, barbets, waterfowls, bulbul, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, mynas, Osprey, minivets orioles, Indian Pitta, munias, White-eyed Buzzard, owls and also wagtails. You can do bird watching while you are in the park. The Pench Tiger Reserve is the main attractions of the park where you will spot the Leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger. If you are planning to visit the park in the winter season then you will get to see many types of migratory bird which includes Coots, Barheaded Geese, Pochards and Brahmini Duck.

If you want to visit the Pench national park then the best way to reach the destination is in the open gypsy that you will get on rent. Travelling in the Gypsy will offer you the amazing view of the wild life sanctuary. The gypsy is available to you at affordable rates, the charges would be approximately Rs 1230/ per safari. In case you are planning to visit the famous Pench national park in the main tourist season or at vacation days then it is recommended to you top book the safari in advance.


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