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Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole national park is one of the famous wild life reserve located in Karnataka state of India. It is well known as the best tourist destination in south India and many tourists come to the place every year to see wild animals moving in an open habitat. The park is also known as Rajiv Gandhi national park and it is located in Kodagu and Mysore district. The park is a part of Nilgiri reserve and spreads around 6000 square kilometer.


There are different varieties of herbs and trees present in the forest. The dense forest is considered as the best habitat for all wild life animals. The southern part of the park is covered with rose wood and teak trees. The central part of the park is covered with thorny wattle trees. There are also several species of Nilgiri trees found in the swamp forest areas. There are some other species of trees like sandalwood, bamboo, crocodile bark, and axle wood found in the wild life reserve.


Nagarhole national park is well known around the globe for few rare species of fauna. There are several species of animals, birds and reptiles present in the park. If you have desire to watch giant elephants and royal Indian tigers wondering under the open sky, this will be the right idea to travel Nagarhole national park.

With the help of elephant or tiger safari you can go deep into the forest park and watch all of these animals enjoying relaxing life in the park. You can also find several rare species of deer and antelope in the park. Antelopes are generally found around the water spots as they are completely dependent on water. Other species like striped hyena, spotted deer and barking deer are also found there.


Nagarhole national park is also known as the perfect habitat for birds. If you are a bird lover and prefer to watch the avifauna closely, this will be a great idea to make your trip to the park. There is several resident as well as migratory bird species found there. Being a well known bird life reserve, it is also famous for some rare species of birds. There are around 270 species of birds living in the national park. Most of the birds are found in drier regions of the forest. The migratory birds also prefer to lay their eggs in the tall Sal woods.


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