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Orcha the town situated near to the Banks of Betwa River is located in Madhya Pradesh a princely state of India. This city is said to be from the medieval times that comprises of temples and also many splendid palaces of the past. This place is said to be a mighty kingdom of the Central India which was founded by Bundela Rajput Rudra Pratap. The palaces here still depict the glory and the tales of the past rulers in those times.

As this place has a lot to show about the past history of the kings and the kingdoms there are many tourist who now travel to this place. Here when you see from the river Verandah you can have a look at the largest forest which was a pride. This forest is said to surround the confluence of the two River Jamni and Betwa rivers and also includes several islands.

The next that you can see is the Orcha Sanctuary. This is roughly 25 km long and is 15 km wide. Originally this forest was covered with Dhawa and Kardhai trees but then it was in 1940's that Maharaja Sir Vir Singh undertook a real large plantation of the Teak trees. You can still have a look at this plantation. Here you will find wildlife like Wild Boar, Langur, Blue Bull (Nilgai), Sloth Bear and also over 200 other species of birds.

Apart from these there are also a few other attractions which will grab your mind when you are in Orcha.

Ram Raja Temple is said to be the palace of Raja Madhukar Shah. It is here that the icon of Lord Ram was brought by Maharani Ganesh from Ayodhya Kunwar.

Chaturbhuj Temple is another temple to look at. This was the one built by Raja Bir Singh Deo.

Laxmi Narayan Temple. When you have a glimpse you will see that the wall paintings in this temple are just worth a visit and also depict scenes which are from the epics and even uprisings of 1857.

Jahangir Mahal is another impressive Palace with an archaeological museum on the ground floor. This Fort of Orcha comprises of 3 Palaces. Namely The Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mandir and the Sheesh Mahal. It also has the Haveli and the garden of Rai Praveen.

The next you can see is the Phool Bagh. It is this place that has a Baradari in honour of Diwan Hardaul. He was poisoned by Rani of Raja Jujhar Singh who was his own brother. Phool Bagh also has the towers of Badgir Sawan Bhadon. These are said to be cooling towers as they were known to catch the prevailing wind came towards Orcha from Yazd in Iran.

You can get a train or a city bus or can also use airways (Jhansi, Khajurao, Gwalior) from the many cities to get to this place. This place has a station of its own but it is just 5 km away from the town.


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