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Rajasthan is known to be one of the popular tourist locations because of its cities with palaces. This royal land is abode to one sparkling city of Sardargarh. It is believed that no tour to Rajasthan is complete without visit to this location. Located near to the Udaipur airport this is one place you must visit to cherish the antiquity of its fort. It is not frequented by many tourists. Hence you get the chance to enjoy your exotic vacations in total serenity.

Established in the year 1686 Calcutta is said to be the city of joy. Located on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River this city is a principal or not just commercial but also cultural and educational centre.

You can reach out to this place by any means like the roadways, airways and the Railways. It is because this city has its own airport, railway station and is also well connected by the many city roads.

Mumbai is one of the cosmopolitan city that was earlier known as Bombay. This city is one of the largest cities located in India in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the capital of state of Maharashtra and initially this city was a conglomeration of seven islands located in the Konkan coastline which later joined to become the island city of Mumbai. The anticipated population of this city is 21 million (2005). It is one of the world's most populated cities.

Orcha the town situated near to the Banks of Betwa River is located in Madhya Pradesh a princely state of India. This city is said to be from the medieval times that comprises of temples and also many splendid palaces of the past. This place is said to be a mighty kingdom of the Central India which was founded by Bundela Rajput Rudra Pratap. The palaces here still depict the glory and the tales of the past rulers in those times.

Osian is a city that was once the capital of Marwar. It is located 65 kms away from Jodhpur. It an ancient town located in the north district of the headquarters of Jodhpur. This city is known for its several Jain temples and Brahmanical temples. These temples were made in the 12th and 8th century. All the temples here were constructed in such a way that all of them face the west direction. They are one of the best examples of the architectural marvels. There are a lot of tourists that visit this place. One of the most old and respected temples here is the Sun temple. In addition you can also visit the Mahavir temple and the other three famous temples that are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. All these temples are a must visit. Osian is a place that is known by various names such as 'Khajuraho' of Rajasthan and also as 'Oasis of Thar desert'.

Situated in the woody planes of the Bundelkhand region Khajuraho which is in the state of Madhya Pradesh is widely liked for all the many temples that it has. This city was called as the representation of medieval heritage. The temples here not just show case the perfect combination of architecture but also are well known for the sculptural sheerness. It is known to exhibit the actual Indian art which is said to still exist.

Ajanta Elora is the renowned caves of world situated in Aurangabad city of Maharashtra. They are located at the distance of 100 kms from Aurangabad. Background or history of these caves is simply amazing as a British Captain Mr. John Smith exposed it unintentionally in 1819. As the captain was on a voyage, huge caves were discovered by him. Later, it was found that these caves came into existence during the 3rd century. It is believed that these caves are a masterpiece of Buddhist religious art works.

The Indian culture and history is full of prosperity and richness. It has had a great impact on the development of the society. The Indian history is the classic in the world history and it can be described well in the words of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as the bunch of contradictions that are held strongly but the threads are not visible. Known as the home to the Indus Valley civilization and it was a region of huge empires and historic trade routes. Over the past thousand years the subcontinent is recognized for its cultural wealth and commercial. The four most important and major religions of world such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism originated here. Whereas, the Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Islam and Judaism were invented in the first millennium AD and it merged with the region's diverse culture.

Trip to Neemrana will take you to a popular village if Alwar city of Rajasthan. It is beautiful village and you can just get carried away by its simplicity and magnificence. This place is situated at the distance of around 122 Km from Delhi. It has its historical significance and is exactly situated at the distance of 75 Km from Alwar.

Deograh is a beautiful small town situated in Rajasthan. It is located on boundaries of Mewar, Merwara and Marwar. It is situated at around 80 miles from north- east of Udaipur. As compared to another place of Rajasthan, Deogarh is a cooler region. Most popular and interesting thing about this town which grabs attention of tourists is miniature paintings displayed over here. Walls of Deograh fort also display frescoes of miniature art forms. You can find many interesting rooms within the palace which primarily includes Sheesh Mahal. Gradually, Deogarh has emerged as a prime town of Rajasthan.

Banswara is a city in Rajasthan which was initially ruled by Maharavals and it was a home of tribal Bhils. Entire city was ruled by the ruler of Bhils Bansia and the city got its name from him. After Bansia, Jagmal Singh was the first Maharaval of Banswara.

Siana is a tiny hamlet that is located to the south west side of Rajasthan. The terrain at this place is a beautiful combination of Aravali hills which is surrounded through agriculture land and sand dunes. The best part is that the run off from these hills has made the area a right place for riding. In the Aisrana range the development of rock is very different and it is worth mentioning due to the distinctive as well as superb backdrop of sun setting.

Pokran is a famous town situated in Jaisalmer district of western Rajasthan. This is simply a wonderful place which has gained immense popularity for interior crafts and furniture. Situated at the elevation of 233 m, this city is covered on all sides by rock, sand and also five ranges of salt. Today, Pokran is also popularly termed as "place of five mirages". From prime cities of Rajasthan such as Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, this can be accessed very easily.

Located to the northern Rajasthan, Nawalgarh was founded by Thakur Nawal Singh Ji Bahadur. This city will take you completely by awe with its historically rich background. Built in the 17th century; a fort is the main tourist attraction of this place. In earlier times it was known to be a rich and prosperous city. It was due to lot of activities and visits by merchants from different lands. There are havelis and palaces to visit in this city.

Khejarala is one of the sleepy small villages which are not very much popular among the tourists. This is something that makes it a best place which can offer peace as well as calmness for the tourist that want to stay away from the busy life of the city.

Chatrasagar is a very good tourist place that was made in the nineteenth century by Thakur Chhatra Singh. Thakur was the powerful dignified personality of the desert kingdom of Marwar. This place is situated off the Jaipur-Jodhpur highway that is 110 kms away from Jodhpur and 95 kms away from Ajmer. It is a reservoir that is hundred year old. The construction of the dam was completed in the year 1890. The reservoir is spread across 1400 acres that is privately owned. It is been owned by the same family since many generations. It is a well known place that is visited by many tourists.

No one would have recognized the spot if it would not have had Bhainsrorgarh Fort. 90 minutes away from the Kota Railway Station this fort is sure to hit you pleasantly. Built in the 17th century it is till date maintained by royal family. This fort made Bhainsrorgarh one of the major tourist attraction spot in Rajasthan.

Bhadrajun is an amazing village located in the western part of Rajasthan and situated at foothills of Aravali. This village is surrounded on its three sides by massive hills while there is an open plain on one of its side.

Barmar is mainly a small town of Rajasthan where you can experience art and culture of Rajasthan. You will also get the feel of traditions and warmth of Rajasthan at this place.

Located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, Alsisar is a small town. This small town was established by Alsi named woman in the year 1440 AD. If you want to visit this place then it is located 27 km away from the Jhunjhunu district headquarters. If you love adventure then it is one of the ideal town that is well known for its rural adventure.

Udaipur over the years has gained two names that is "Venice of the East" and "City of Lakes". This city is well known for the ancient royalty tat lies in the palaces as well as dazzling lakes. Udaipur has become a well known tourist attraction today as it is able to offer desires of the tourists.

Touring Rajasthan is incomplete unless you see the rural Rajasthan. It is the rural settlements that will bring you closer to the real Rajasthan. The simplicity in lifestyle and the colorful settlements will etch their memories forever in your heart. Rohet is one among such rural settlements that you cannot afford to miss.

Ranakpur is said to be a city situated between the mountain ranges of Pali. It is at a distance of approximately forty kilometers from Phalna that is in Rajasthan.

Kumbhalgarh is a place located just 85 km from Udaipur, and is also known to be one of the very famous forts of Rajasthan.

Located between Udaipur and Jodhpur, Narlai is well – known as the center of equestrian Rajasthan. Unlike any other touristy states of Rajasthan you will find this location with beautiful horses. If you are a real horse lover or like adventurous tour then this location is perfect location for holiday.

Mount Abu is a splendid hill station of Rajasthan which is also referred to only green oasis of this state. As it is a hill- station, it is situated at the height of around 1,219 m above the sea level. It has been a myth that many Hindu Gods and Goddesses use to visit this sacred place. Earlier, this was a place of saints and sages. Almost all tourists coming for a tour to Rajasthan include this wonderful hill- station to their list.

Madawa city was founded around in the mid of eighteenth century. This was the town that was inhabited by rich merchant families. These wealthy merchant built huge havelis for the resident purpose which comprises of beautiful wall paintings. But with the time merchants moved on and shifted to other areas leaving behind this beautiful havelis. However the splendor of the havelis did not diminish rather these have become the tourist attraction of Mandawa.

This beautiful city of Rajasthan is well known for its strong and rich history. Located near the Nagaur district it is considered to be one of the ideal tourist destination. Kuchaman is popular for its magnificent Kuchaman Fort and few havelis. The architecture of this location is predominantly of the Shekhawati style. The subjects for the fresco paintings vary from flowers to Hindu Mythology.

Khimsar is located in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. It is a very small village in the state of Rajasthan that is located on the border of the Thar Desert. The small hamlet features a water body in the centre which makes it look like an oasis in the arid region. Many tourists visit this small village throughout the year. There are a lot of places that you will get to visit when you are in Khimsar. This village was once an independent place which was ruled by the Thakurs of the Khimsar.

Jodhpur is the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan. It is also known by the name of Gateway to Thar, because it is located at the border of Thar Desert. Another name by which the city is known is Sun City. Jodhpur is historic city and it was founded by Rao Jodha in the year 1459 AD. Rao Jodha was the Rajput chief of the Rathores. The kingdom of the Rathores was also known by the name of Marwar. It was the largest kingdom among the Rajputana. To replace the very old capital Mandore, Jodhpur city was built as a new capital to the state of Marwar. Therefore, the people who reside in this city and nearby areas are called as Marwaris.

Jaisalmer is also referred to as "the Jewel of the Desert" and "the Golden City of India". This place is one of the captivating cities of Rajasthan and popularly known for magnificent forts, havelis and amber hued houses. This city is also well known for striking sand dunes which provides exciting and memorable camel safaris. Colorful festivals of Jaisalmer are also the most important attractions of the city.

Jaipur is said to be the rich expression of India because of its rich royalty, classic creations and lot more.

Founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, a Kachwaha Rajput this place is said to be the capital of the state of Rajasthan. He was the one who had a lot of penchant for not just astronomy, mathematics but also for astro-physics. He was one dynamic ruler, and therefore took up the responsibility of developing Jaipur.

Dungarpur is a city that is located in the southern part of Dungarpur district in the Rajasthan state. Founded in the 12th century it is a very old city and you will get to visit many interesting places. The tourists will get the opportunity to experience many festivals and fairs. Some of the famous festivals that are celebrated in this city are Bhedmata Fair, Vithaldeo Fair, Vagad Festival, Amit Egyaras, Banheshwar Fair and many more. If you visit this place then you will get to enjoy these fairs in a better way. In these fairs you will experience the local customs and traditions that are followed by the people. The most famous festival that is celebrated in this city is Purnima Garba and you will get to see many people from the nearby regions enjoying this festival.

Chittorgarh, which is also prominent as Chittaur, was the capital up to the 16th century of the Mewars under the rule of Rajputs. It is this place which has seen many sacrifices by the Rajput men and women in their battles. The city has too many of monuments and also a few other battlements as the evidence of the war that it has been witnessing from the medieval times.

Bundi city is located in the eastern part of Hadoti region in the state of Rajasthan. It is a very small city which is also known as blue city. This city is known for its traditional charm. It is situated at a very serene place that is far away from the crowd. A lot of tourists which includes both domestic as well as foreign visit this beautiful city. The city is named after Meena Chief Bunda. The city is famous for its miniature paintings. As per 2001 census the city is of 88,000 inhabitants.

Pure beauty of the desert can be experienced in the city of Bikaner. It lies in the northern tip of the well known triangle of the desert cities. This place is a beautiful town. The origin of Bikaner dates back to the year 1488 at the time Rao Bikaji an Rathore prince and son of Rao Jodhaji selected barren wilderness referred to as Jangladesh which was turned to beautiful city known as Bikaner.

Ajmer is very popularly known as the land of composite cultures. It is also the base to visit beautiful Pushkar city which is located at around 11 km from Ajmer. Wrapped majestically in the barren hills, Ajmer was found by Raja Ajay Pal in the 7th century. Several dynasties ruled this city and this is the reason why many cultures and traditions have left their marks over here. It has now emerged as a popular pilgrimage centre for Hindus as well as Muslims.

The small village in Bihar gained popularity the moment Buddha gained his enlightenment. Under the banyan tree known as the Bodhi, Gautama attained his supreme knowledge of the universe. Thereon this place became the most revered amongst the Buddhist sacred sites. In fact this place has become the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage in the entire world.

New Delhi is the cultural capital of India. Visiting Delhi can give you the view of spectacular architecture by its distinctive monuments. This city actually comprises of interesting mixture of diverse culture.

Delhi is able to match world's biggest cities in respect of tourism, infrastructure, economy as well as strategic location. The specialties of Delhi lie in historic significance as well as long treasured heritage. Mosques, temples as well as remains of Mughal emperor reflect great history of Delhi.

Goa is one of the highest visited destination that is located on India's west coast. It is one of the smallest states in India. Goa was formerly known as the Portuguese colony. This place is famous for its plethora of beaches and ethnic churches, tranquil atmosphere, vivid forts and long stretches of greenery. Goa is one of the first choices of the people who want to go on a holiday in India.

Leh is a beautiful city in Ladakh where you can find beauty which is integrated with simplicity in its best colors. People also call it 'small Tibet' as it portrays their architecture as well as cultural festivals and profile. This is a land where you can find pure atmosphere and offers memorable moments to all its visitors.

An industrial city tat is located on the back of river Yamuna is Agra. Mughal emperor Babur in the year 1526 established the capital in Agra. In the city you will witness heritage of Mughal dynasty as well as captivating tombs, forts as well as mausoleums. On top of that there are other places as well as monuments which are well known for the beauty as well as importance in Agra.

Varanasi attracts too many people throughout the world as it is one of the oldest cities of the world and is significant Hindu pilgrimage center. This city is well known for spiritualism, Hinduism, Indian philosophy as well as mysticism. All these are clearly reflected in various temples, Ghats, Ashrams as well as sects.

Shimla is a majestic hill station of Himachal Pradesh which has amazing picturesque that brings heaven on earth. It was a former capital of British's in India. This hill station is covered on all sides by green hills and snow covered peaks. There are many beautiful attractions which can be visited by you. It is a perfect destination to discover some historical legacy and picture perfect photography. For lovers of natural beauty and photography, Shimla is truly a paradise. Shimla is a colonial heritage with grand buildings and malls.

Kanha national park is located in Mandla and Balaghat district of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tiger reserve in India. There are several species of wildlife animals and birds found in the national park. The Sal and Bamboo forest surrounding the park offers a cool and relaxed surrounding for the tourists. This is the reason many tourists prefer to visit the park every year to enjoy the beauty of the place.

The small city of Dharamsala located in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh will take you instantly by its serenity. This soothing and spiritual place is abode to one of the largest Tibetan temple that is outside of Tibet. Also it is known for its religious iconography as well as the monastery of world figure – Dalai Lama. The moment you are in Dharamsala you will feel that your spiritual energy is instantly restored.

Incase you have desire to see majestic Indian tigers with a closer view you can plan to visit Panna national park. For many people watching the wild tigers in open habitat is an adventure while some people treat it as a pleasant experience. Travelling to the national park with the help of Safari ride may help you to turn your desire into reality and you will be able to spot the big cats wondering under open sky.

Incase you have desire to see majestic Indian tigers with a closer view you can plan to visit Panna national park. For many people watching the wild tigers in open habitat is an adventure while some people treat it as a pleasant experience. Travelling to the national park with the help of Safari ride may help you to turn your desire into reality and you will be able to spot the big cats wondering under open sky.

Ranthambore national park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern India. It is believed to be the oldest national park in India with several prime attractions. It is situated in Sawai Madhopur district which is around 110 kilometers away from Kota and 130 kilometers away from jaipur.

The Sasan Gir national park, Gujarat is considered as one of the largest wildlife reserve in India. The park is located at around 65 kilometers away from Junagarh and 60 kilometers away from Amreli. It is well known for its Asiatic lions and other wild animals. The national park was founded in the year 1965 and it has been established one of the most famous forest park these days. One can spot Asiatic lions and other wild animals wondering in open sky inside the Forst Park.

Bandhavgarh national park is considered to be one of the most famous national parks of India. This national park is located in the vindhya hills of the umaria district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It was declared as a national park in the year 1968 and is spread across the area of about 100 square meters. The names Bandhavgarh is derived from the most prominent and popular hillock of the umaria district. The area of this national park is prospered with large biodiversity. This national park is well-known to have the highest density of population of tiger in India. In the same way, this park also observes the largest breeding population of leopards as well as other species of deer.

Jim corbet is the oldest national Park in India. It is also the first wildlife reserve in the country. Being located in Uttarakhand state of India, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Many tourists prefer to visit the place every year in order to see the wild cats wondering under open sky. The park was established in the year of 1936 and initially it was known as Hailey national park. The place was renamed as Jim corbet national park in the year 1956 after naturalist Jim corbet.

The Bandipur national park is one of the most familiar wildlife reserves in India. The park was founded in 1931 and well known as the most popular tourist destination in India these days. It is located in Chamarajanagar district of Indian state Karnataka. The national park spreads around 874 square kilometers and it is a part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve. One can find several varities of wild animals like bengal tigers and elephants in the park. It is also famous for sandalwood trees and some other rare species of herbs.

Situated on beautiful Western Ghats of Karnataka this location is popular for wildlife reserves. This place is natural haven to wildlife. The species include tigers, leopards, elephants, gaur, black panthers, bear, deer, antelopes etc. So if you are an adventurer and love wildlife, jungle safari to the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a must.

Doodhwa national park is one of the most popular national parks located in Uttar Pradesh. The place lies in between India and Nepal boarder in Lakhmipur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The park was founded in 1958 and got the name as a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. The place is one of the most familiar tourist destinations in India and many tourist come here to see wild tigers moving under open sky.

Kaziranga National Park is the one that is situated into the north eastern state of Assam. It can be said that this is park is one of the picturesque wildlife parks you can come across anywhere in India. On the southern banks of river Bhramaputra this wild life sanctuary is a natural habitat for the many one-horned rhino (Rhinoceros unicorns).

Nagarhole national park is one of the famous wild life reserve located in Karnataka state of India. It is well known as the best tourist destination in south India and many tourists come to the place every year to see wild animals moving in an open habitat. The park is also known as Rajiv Gandhi national park and it is located in Kodagu and Mysore district. The park is a part of Nilgiri reserve and spreads around 6000 square kilometer.

The Pench national park is located in the plains of India. 90% of the park is located in the Chhindwara and Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh and the remaining 10% of the park is located in the north-western of Maharashtra. The national park has got its name Pench which is derived from the River Pench that flows through the park.

Periyar National park is located in the western ghats of the Kerala. This place is one of the famous tourist's destinations in Kerala state. The destination is mainly known for its tiger reserves across the globe. Many tourists from various countries visit this place to experience the renowned wildlife sanctuary.

Satpura national park is one of the most familiar wild life reserves in India. It is located in Hoshangabad district of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. The national park has been named after the familiar name of Satpura hill ranges.

The literal meaning of the Sunderban is beautiful jungle or beautiful forest. The official name of this jungle is Sunderban National Park. This park is located about 85kms away from Kolkata city. Sunderban is spread across West Bengal in India and Bangladesh. It is known as the true wonder of nature and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the district of Chandrapur, lies Tadoba National Park and is the one which is known as "The Jewel of Vidharbha". This tiger reserve is called as one of the largest and also the oldest national park. There in the heart of the reserved forest you will find an infinite treasure of innumerable flora and fauna species.

Velavadar national park located in Bhabnagar district of Indian state Gujarat is one of the familiar wild life reserves in India. The main park is located around 72 kilometers away from Bhavnagar city. The place is considered as the paradise for tourists and many tourists prefer to visit the place every year to enjoy the beauty at the park.


Said to be a great paradise for the many lovers of nature it has been seen that this sacred place lets you have a glimpse of the actual Indian culture and also the civilization which still exists here. There are many who have also termed this place to be the 'Gateway to Gods'.


This place is known to get its existence from the Hindu philosophy it lays approximately 25k km upwards at the banks of river Ganga.

The pool around the famous Golden Temple has given this city its name – Amritsar. It means the pool of holy nectar. This city is well – known as spiritual, cultural and religious center for Sikhs. Also it is a bustling centre of trade for the population of Punjab. This city is very closely located to the Pakistan's western border.

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